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Terms & Conditions
User Interaction

Website AutoManiac.org offers the possibility of rating a specific vehicle its visitors had the opportunity to drive. This option was made available in order to improve the quality of information and our website services, presuming well-intentioned approach by the website visitors. AutoManiac.org will take user ratings into count immediately and will include them in the specific car rating system, as well as the rating of the model this car belongs to. Similarly, marking of problematic engine components by the website visitors will be taken into count in the specific engine overview, regardless of the model and brand using the engine. In case website administrators determine multiple ratings of the same vehicle by the same visitor, or a malicious rating of a large number of different vehicles in a short period of time, those ratings will be removed and will not be taken into consideration when calculating an average rating of the vehicle / model in question. Visitors performing this kind of actions will be disallowed to rate vehicles further, and in case of ignoring the administrator's warning they could even be denied access to the website in full. Similarly, users are able to leave their comments in certain sections of the website. All the content is being checked by our moderators before being published and users are expected not to include any swears, insults or hate speach into their comments. Users should strive to be as objective and constructive as possible when expressing their own opinion. Furthermore, comments cannot contain any type of promotion, links to other internet pages, text markup or decoration. Comments that don't meet these conditions won't be published, while users who violate the rules multiple times in a row will be permanenty banned from commenting.

Content Interpretation

The Team behind this project is constantly putting efforts to ensure that the content is correct and up-to-date. Same goes for algorithms being used when consulting our Virtual Adviser™, as well as suggestions of similar vehicles on a specific vehicle overview. Nevertheless, by using services of our website, as well as by viewing its content (both text and images), visitors accept these terms and conditions and confirm that they are aware of the potential misleading data and partial information, as well as AutoManiac.org authors' advice to consult some other information sources, before buying a car. Visitors are encouraged to personally examine all the information found on our website by checking a specific vehicle in person, trying it out and, in some cases, taking it to an authorized service for a control. In case you notice that there is an information missing, or in case of wrong data, please let us know via email so that we could act and fix the problem ASAP.

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