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Legal note
Copyright offers information about brands, models and specific vehicles, which are covered by this website's general terms & conditions. By accessing the website and browsing its content, you agree and accept those terms & conditions. reserves the right to change terms & conditions, as well as information about brands, models and specific vehicles, on its own decision and without any pre notice. It is visitors' responsibility to inform themselves timely about the changes via terms & conditions page or any other relevant page of this website. All rights which are not explicitly awarded are reserved.

Content Ownership

Majority of the content available on our website was gathered automatically, using web-robots designed especially for needs, solely from the publicly accessible web pages which don't disallow this kind of access and information 'crawling'. Those information are publicly available and does not claim ownership over them. Nevertheless, form in which the information is shown, as well as relations between certain entities are work of authorship and any information take-over with the form and relations kept is forbidden, unless it was explicitly granted by the authors. This especially relates to relations between specific vehicle models and engines installed, as well as ideal car search algorithm (Virtual Adviser™) and similar models algorithm. In case of any content-related remarks (text, images etc.) or in case you claim ownership over parts of the content, please let us know so we could remove it timely.

Privacy Policy

Our website uses 'web cookies' technology in order to ensure optimized usage by the website's visitors whose preferences are being remembered. These information are not shared with 3rd party entities under no circumstances. In a situation where you are in any way unsatisfied with our services please let us know via our email as soon as possible. We oblige not to display, share, and rent nor sell any of your information (forms, polls, correspondence, etc.) to any 3rd party entities.

Google DoubleClick DART cookie

We use independent 3rd party APIs for marketing (Google AdSense) in order to show appropriate ads when you visit our website. These APIs could use information related to your visits to this and other websites in order to ensure that ads of your interest are shown. If you'd like to know more about this practice, as well as possibilities you have to disallow this, you can find out more on Google AdSense service.


All the content shown on pages is presented to visitors in good faith, and as such it can't hold and/or private and legal entities behind it responsible for any direct or indirect damage caused by using the website services. Website administrators are doing everything possible to keep the content accurate and up-to-date. Nevertheless, website services user has the responsibility to consult other information sources and make sure the data is correct. Information themselves depend on their actuality and some of the facts might not be up-to-date anymore, even though they are still displayed, because the whole content of the website is being archived. cannot be held responsible for accuracy and quality of ads, banners, nor any other 3rd party content linking addresses outside domain. Similarly, is not responsible for ratings assigned to certain vehicle models, specific vehicles and engines, by website's visitors, nor does it argue those ratings which cannot be considered website's or website author's position nor view. Certain information, such as engine manufacturers, are collected from public sources (internet, media) and are mostly used to help visitors understand which powertrains are in question, without implying legal ownership over them and without emphasizing licenses and similar agreements between automotive brands regarding their technology exchange.

Reserved rights

Information available on this website are protected and the right to them is reserved. Unless explicitly granted, neither part of the content cannot be re-distributed, multiplied nor used in any other way without prior consent by the website authors and reference to as a source.


In case of a significant change in our privacy policy, visitors will be timely informed by a clear message in the website header. Should any violation of rights occur, offender could expect misdemeanor charges by the legal team of the GAMA1 Solutions agency.

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