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Find out more about what we are doing
General Information

AutoManiac.org represents a website dedicated to automobiles in a way which combines different categories of material available throughout the web using a new form adjusted to all drivers worldwide. Our focus is not on loads of unusable data, it is rather the essence that should be base for a potential car buyer when deciding to visit a used cars garage or a new car store. Content of this website is limited to models that were in production in year 2000 and later, and some of the low-volume manufacturers, which are not mainstream or are super-luxurious, are omitted.

Our Vision

The main desire and the idea behind this website is ease of reaching car-related information, those objective ones (specifications), and subjective ones (drivers' experiences and opinions) as well as putting them together in a unique form, simple enough to be helpful to an average car buyer. By making free information and advices available to its visitors, our website is striving to help and advise drivers so they could recognize things in need of special attention while choosing a car, with a special attention to safety and reliability. The end goal of this website's authors are well aware drivers which are not easy to fool when buying a vehicle, those that have chosen an exact model that suits their needs perfectly and now what they could expect from it at any time given.


AutoManiac.org is created and supported by GAMA1 Solutions, agency specialized in software development and web applications. Nevertheless, in order to put together all the information this website offers, a team of people worked together for months using their in-depth knowledge of automotive industry, models and variants of different worldwide brands, as well as more or less known manufacturers cooperation when it comes to engine production and exchange. Our visitors are authors as well, because they provide feedback on cars they had opportunity to drive and by doing this they contribute to the objectivity of model ratings, at the same time affecting the order of models suggested by our Virtual Adviser™ during the ideal vehicle search.

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AutoManiac database currently covers:

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