Nissan Terrano II (1999 - 2007)
J - Segment (SUV)




1999 Nissan Terrano II (interior)
1999 Nissan Terrano II LWB
1999 Nissan Terrano II SWB

All the variants of Nissan Terrano II

Terrano II LWB
Terrano II LWB
suv - 5 door
Wheel drive:4 x 4
Displacement:2664 cm3
Power:125 ks
Wheel drive:4 x 4
Displacement:2953 cm3
Power:158 ks

Terrano II SWB
Terrano II SWB
suv - 3 door


Safety results for Nissan Terrano II

EuroNCAP: not tested

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